Heart Strings (Hazel’s Story Part 2)

So you know I sped off to the shelter yesterday and was greeted at the office door by the wonderful, slow-wagging pointer mix that the rescue manager had told me was ideal for my family.  I immediately adored her.  She was confident and friendly but totally under control in her approach.  She was MUCH prettier than the picture on Petfinder.  White with adorable brown spots flecked all over her sweet pointy muzzle and down her back.  A perfect 35 pounds, in great shape.  Her eyes were a golden green.  Really.  I liked her vibe.  A lot.  I sat on the floor, picked up a toy, and started playing with her.  Then I asked lots of questions to the staff.

“Does she bark?” I asked.

“Nope,” said the shelter manager.

I grabbed her muzzle gently and lifted her lips to see how she’d respond to me checking her teeth.  No pushback whatsoever.

“Does she guard anything – food, toys?” I asked.

“Nooooo.” the manager said (with an implied “of course not – don’t insult her.”)

I tugged on the toy in the dog’s mouth, we were both having fun with the game.  Then she let me take it from between her teeth with ease.  When I held up the toy in my hand she quickly sat and waited as if asking me “would you please throw that again?”

“Does she have any separation issues when you guys leave?” I asked the manager.

“She whines at the door when one of us leaves the room.”

“How long is the whining for?”

“Two minutes,” the manager answered nonchalantly, daring me to try and find something wrong with this beautiful dog.

“If you had to name any complaints about her, what would you say?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“Complaints?”  There were a few seconds of silence as all three of the office workers looked at each other, thinking I was a nut.  “We don’t have a single bad thing to say about her,” the manager said, with a hint of disappointment that I didn’t already trust what she told me on the phone – that this dog was “phenomenal.”

Now I was sitting on the floor petting the sweet dog, really starting to fall in love with the idea of her joining my family.

Then I asked, “What is your policy on holding a dog?  I need to talk to my wife about when she can come over and meet her.”

“Someone already has a hold on her,” the manager replied.

My heart sunk in my chest.

“Oh…  … why didn’t you tell me that before I fell in love with her?” I sighed.

“Sorry, a guy came in this morning and he asked me to hold her so HIS wife can come meet her.  You’re second if they don’t want her.”

I didn’t hide my disappointment.  I took a few deep breaths as I continued playing with the dog.  I quickly began the process of reeling back the invisible tendrils of attachment that had already started to reach out from my heart and hug this dog into my life.  Sitting on the floor, I had my face right in front of her nose, eye-to-eye.

“She’ll give you a kiss if you ask for it,” the manager said.

“No, I can’t handle a kiss right now, that’ll only make me fall deeper in love with her.”

I stood up and half-jokingly told the manager to talk the other guy and his wife out of adopting this precious dog.  Then I gave her all my info and said to update me as soon as she knows.

I’ve checked back twice since then.  No definitive answer yet.  I’m still waiting…

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One Response to “Heart Strings (Hazel’s Story Part 2)”

  1. Susie Dylan Says:

    The suspense is killing me! ( I know, not nearly as much as you!)

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