Let’s Get Movin’ – How to Teach Your Dog an “OK” Release

Hi Everyone!  Here is the must-have follow-up to yesterday’s episode, How to Get Your Dog to Sit Still

You just learned another Basic Obedience lesson, awesome.  Now be a rock star dog owner – have fun doing it with your dog! I promise she will love it.  Why?  Because it’s fun, mentally challenging, and bonding time with you. Dogs LOVE to play challenging games and earn rewards: your attention, praise,  treats, games of tug, etc.  To your dog, getting rewarded in these training games is like getting a bonus at work is for you, or a top score on your exam. It feels good to be challenged, accomplish something, win. It’s important to your dog’s mental health!

The best part: Just 10 minutes of practice a day can make a huge difference in your dog’s behavior and your connection.  2 minutes here, 3 minutes there – just slip a little training into your routine.  Look at me in these videos, all I’m doing is a few minutes of training right before Hazel’s mealtimes.  Watch how fast she learns.  Easy.  No dog and owner should miss out on this stuff.

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