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The Best and Worst of MY DOG (Share What You Know About Your Breed)

May 17, 2010

Let’s celebrate OUR dogs and make fun of them a little at the same time. (Just a little!  It’s therapeutic.)

To create The Best and Worst of My Dog, tell me one thing that is the BEST about your dog, based on his breed characteristics, then one thing that is the WORST.  Choose “Comments” at the very bottom of this post to share Your Dog.

If you like you can email me a picture, too.  I promise I’ll get every single one posted.

Over time this will create an awesome collection of breed traits as described by real owners who know their breeds better than anyone (that’s us)!

Ready?  I’ll start it off below with my last three dogs.

Flash - "I love everyone, but this toy right here, it's MINE."

Name or Nickname: Flash, aka The Bear

Breed: Border Collie

Best: Seemingly instantaneous, intuitive understanding of whatever I’m trying to say or teach

Worst: Can you say Control Freak!?  Take it easy, dude, you are way too anxious and intense when it comes to controlling resources.

Eli - "I am Husky, See You Later."

Name or Nickname: Eli, aka Little Wolf

Breed: Husky mix

Best: Gorgeous, natural wolf-like appearance and athletic ability

Worst: Desire to roam and roam and roam.  Will keep exploring until he reaches the end of the earth.  Fences, streets, cliffs – he’ll go over, under, off, or through them all.

Hazel - "I think there may be ANOTHER bird over here."

Name: Hazel

Breed: Pointer mix

Best: When in the house, she’s as calm, cuddly, and sweet as a lap dog.

Worst: Outside she pulls the leash so hard after birds that she must think she’ll actually get one.

Here are two dogs from Real Deal enthusiasts in Scotland:

Fiddich - "What? Do I have something on my face?"

Name: Fiddich

Breed: Border Collie

Best: An intuitive dog who worked the first six years of his life saving walkers in the mountains of Scotland as an amazing SARDA dog. (Search and Rescue Dog Association).  Soft, loving, beautiful and sadly missed.

Worst: The older he got, the more selective his hearing became!  Did what he wanted when he wanted!

Talisker - "Eh, you talking to me?"

Name: Talisker

Breed: Border Collie

Best: As he is still a pup, I am sure his best is still to come. Training in obedience and he is a quick learner. Cute as a button, and a real character.

Worst: As he is still a pup, too many to mention. Eats everything when out on walks, farts like a trouper, thinks he’s the boss (when he’s definitely not!) and likes to chase cars!!!!

Here’s a dog from upstate NY:

T.W. - "Let me know when you're ready to do what I want."

Name: T.W. (Tennessee Whiskey)

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Best: Beautiful dog with that wild dog/ dingo appearance and a coat that is camouflage in almost any outdoor environment.

Worst: Super intelligent, self motivated, independent thinker who prefers to decide for himself what, when and where he wants to be, regardless of what I think at the other end of the leash.

Add Your Dog by hitting the “Comments” link at the bottom right, just below.  Or email me, including a picture!

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